Curbside Introduces Rakuten Merchant Cloud

Rakuten Merchant Cloud

March 5, 2019

When Curbside joined the Rakuten family in June of 2018, we knew opportunities to accelerate growth of our platform were endless, and our ability to scale globally could now be done seamlessly. Rakuten is a global eCommerce and Internet company, with over 1.2 billion global members across 190 countries.

Now a part of the Rakuten family, Curbside is proud to introduce its first solution suite anchored into the global Rakuten ecosystem, the Rakuten Merchant Cloud.

The Rakuten Merchant Cloud is a suite of cloud services that enable merchants to better meet the shopping and fulfillment needs of today’s mobile-first consumer, while also driving both digital growth and additional traffic to brick and mortar locations.

The Rakuten Merchant Cloud allows restaurants and retailers to deliver:

  • A simple and cohesive online to offline ordering and fulfillment experience for customers
  • Order Ahead/Pickup Now programs that run effectively and efficiently at scale
  • An experience that saves customers (and employees) time and stress
  • Experiences that drive more customers to your door, enabling:
    • Increased purchases
    • More repeat customers, more loyal customers
    • Increased revenue
    • Brand growth and longevity
  • Increased quality of products received by customers
  • Decreased dependency upon large volume of delivery (thus, increased margin)
  • More efficient order ahead/pick-up operations
  • Advanced Analytics: real-time and historical data to help your business understand the customer experience and consistently improve upon your operations

Learn more about the Rakuten Merchant Cloud, and the products that power it:

Activating the Rakuten Merchant Cloud is simple and turnkey for small-scale as well as enterprise businesses, enabling results to be recognized immediately.

  • Rakuten Merchant Cloud is modular, so it can be licensed as a whole or individually
  • It is designed for ease of integration with existing systems (POS, ecommerce, inventory/ERP) via public SDKs and APIs
  • It connects merchants to Rakuten’s global consumer and B2B ecosystem

Here are just a few partners who currently trust components of the Rakuten Merchant Cloud to deliver superior experiences to their customers:


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