Curbside is Joining Rakuten


Today we’re proud to announce that Curbside is joining forces with Rakuten, a global leader in e-commerce with a global ecosystem of well over 1 billion consumers and merchants.

For our customers and partners the headline is that nothing will change.  Curbside will operate independently as a Rakuten-owned company with our team, services, partners and product offerings all remaining intact.  Joining the Rakuten family will give Curbside resources to accelerate our platform, scale globally and help our partners tap into Rakuten’s sizable ecosystem.

Denis and I founded Curbside with a mission to build technology to enable fast, easy mobile commerce at brick and mortar locations.  Our approach has always been to partner with great retailers, which has set us apart in a technology industry often focused on disruption and disintermediation.  Empowering local merchants is also deep in Rakuten’s DNA since the origin of its marketplace business in Japan.  As we got to know the Rakuten team we realized just how closely aligned we are and of the size of the opportunity that lies ahead as we bring our platforms together.

As consumers continue to flock to mobile commerce, retailers are in a position to leverage the huge investments that they’ve made in their physical stores to tap into digital growth.  Combining Rakuten’s mobile properties with Curbside’s technology has the potential to enable brick-and-mortar restaurants and stores to give their customers an immediate, convenient way to let consumers order ahead and drive growth.  Store operators armed with real-time information can provide great service to the growing number of mobile shoppers.

Curbside is joining forces with Rakuten because we share a vision around connecting consumers to easy, convenient mobile commerce at stores in the communities where they work and live.  It’s the vision that our team has been driving toward with such singular purpose since we started.  It’s the opportunity that our immensely supportive investors saw when they backed us, and it’s what our innovative retail partners believe in when they work with us.  I’m so grateful to the team, investors, and partners who have propelled us and are making this exciting next stage of the journey possible.