Surviving in the Age of Amazon

Amazon dominates online sales

In 2016, Amazon accounted for 55% of product searches and 53% of e-commerce growth.

Amazon is also aggressively optimizing home delivery, reducing wait times, as well as high shipping costs by doubling down on their investments in fulfillment centers.

Matching the billions of dollars of investment in fulfillment centers is likely impossible even for the largest brick-and-mortar retailers.  So how can retailers stave off potential extinction in a world where most consumers are starting their shopping journey online? It starts with something that frequently has been identified as a weakness of traditional retail, physical stores themselves.


Connect Your Stores to Mobile

Decades of investments in physical store locations located along the corridors on which we live, work and travel provide brick-and-mortar retailers the right strategic points of presence to meet consumers online and fulfill quickly using them as forward-deployed “fulfillment centers”. However, retailers’ stores have not yet been connected to good online experiences. Omni-channel and flexible fulfillment efforts across the retail landscape have been weak, leveraging technology platforms that were not designed for fulfillment from stores.  Consumers need seamless online experiences, paired with flawless execution at the physical store.

The clock is ticking for retailers to capitalize on their their physical stores.  For more information on how Curbside works and how it’s powering the future of retail, contact us and read the full white paper now.