[WEBINAR] Proven Practices for Delivering 5-Star Omnichannel Experiences

Join guest speaker Ananda Chakravarty (Senior Analyst at Forrester) and Jaron Waldman (CEO of Curbside) as they share insights and learnings from across the industry on mobile order ahead programs. Learn about the tools and processes that enable associates to drive high customer ratings and repeat purchases.

Retailers are investing heavily in technologies to support the increasing number of omnichannel customers with services like mobile order ahead and click-and-collect fulfillment. This webinar will focus on how to make these programs work at every store location. Maximizing the ROI on these digital store investments requires the right tools to empower store associates and the right tech to execute and scale these programs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid store bottlenecks with the rapid growth of mobile order ahead programs.
  • Find out about new tools that empower store associates to gain better visibility into the pickup process and scale order ahead programs.
  • Learn why stores need to invest in new processes and training to meet the expectations of customers and drive repeat sales.